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Supongo que solo los que hayan visto Las Sombrias Aventuras de Billy & Mandy entenderán xD


Jamas me atraparan! asdakfghajfgaka 


Eu estava só pensando em como cada um dos garotos principais corresponde a um animal… bem, menos os gêmeos.

Meh~ mesmo que o animal do Kentin não seja exatamente o urso, e que o Alexy nem seja um interesse romântico… (;-_-)/

Alguma sugestão de animais para representar Armin e Alexy?

Éerm, a não ser que os dois já sejam associados a um animal e eu que estou por fora (ノ´д`)

Todos os personagens pertencem a Chinomiko.


my candy love boys + seven deadly sins


Another thing from the Second Artbook.

If you remove the cover, there is lineart of it on which everyone has a mustache. xD

So, who’s got the sexiest ‘stache?? :3



(( ya know, sometimes I think I wish Armin had more plot stuff and he was more loved and recognized…. 

then I see what happens to big name people like castiel and nathaniel and go; noooope. armin isn’t dealing with that BS. he just goes play dota)

The Boys of MCL
Anónimo whispered: Armin, in Zovy's post of the artbook relationship page, there isn't a blue arrow between you and Alexy that shows you're related. What's your explanation of that? Diid you practice shadow clone jutsu?




"Heh, maybe. I dunno about an artbook, I assume Peggy did something again? Unless we’re just really good lookalikes, I’m sure Alexy is my biological brother…" Armin then paused jokingly for effect, "…Or is he?"

// I’m kind of tempted to write a horror story about how they’re both adopted and Alexy/Armin wanted to look so much like each other, they tried to look like twins or something. I’m sure it’s a mistake, it happened with the last book I think when they made the twins became Gemini’s when before I think they were Libra. Unless chino is being sneaky with something~<3

Was that about adoption a random guess?? Because they actually are!! xD


Peggy: Who was born first? Your brother or you? 
Alexy: I don’t know at all! It was never known I think! 
Peggy: Really? Your parents haven’t told you? 
Alexy: How do you want them to know, they weren’t even there when we were born. 
Peggy: … Huh? What are you talking about? 
Alexy: Well, we’re adopted, Armin and I. 
Peggy: W-Wow … That’s a scoop! Awesome! It is rare that a couple adopts twins! 
Alexy: That’s why I have the best parents in the world.


(BTW~ I’m posting the full interviews soon.^^)


Some unforgettable moments from our festival performance at Ilosaarirock last weekend! We are still on a high. Photos: Antonio Pagano


I feel so bad for Andrew Hussie. He wrote all this stuff about Trolls having things called nooks and bone bulges and seed flaps and jizzing into buckets and mixing it all together into an “incestuous slurry” and bascially trying to make their sexual habits sound as unattractive as possible in what I assume was an attempt to get us to not make boatloads of Homestuck porn and instead we were just like



These are the successfully merged, whole CGs for Misato

All of Misato’s CGs here (x)


finishing a series but still being attached to the story and its characters